Our Goals

Together we can change the world for the better....

  • Social support and protection of citizens, including improving the material situation of the poor, social rehabilitation of the unemployed, disabled and other persons who are not able to realize their rights and lawful interests by force of their physical or intellectual characteristics, and other circumstances
  • Assistance in promoting personal development programmes (courses, seminars, lectures, consultations for learning how to reduce stress)
  • Realization of humanitarian and rehabilitation projects for socially unprotected sectors of the population, and in disaster areas
  • Assistance in realization of projects aimed at reducing aggression and brutality among teenagers, formation of a respectful and caring attitude to surrounding people, development of creative and features of a leader
  • Assistance in realization of projects aimed at social adaptation, reduction of aggression among prisoners
  • Assistance in realization of projects for students and graduates aimed at the consolidation and development of professional skills, satisfaction with acquired university education
  • Combining the efforts of various charitable organizations, including international ones, with the aim of helping and supporting the socially unprotected population
  • Revival and the development of charity and philanthropy