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People today undergo an enormous amount of negative emotions which do not pass without consequences, and lead to stress and neuroses.

Negative emotions do not simply act on nerves, they are stored at the cellular level and lead to adverse changes. Building up, these changes start to dictate behaviour and to define the attitude of the person to an event.

There is discontent with oneself, tiredness, and interest in life is lost. With the constant influence of stress on the body, defence mechanisms weaken, the level of functional activity of the brain decreases, and the stress condition becomes chronic.

The purpose of the Relieving Stress course is training ways of relieving of stress and pressure, encouraging deep and effective rest, and raising the level of activity and opening internal reserves.

The result of the course is a stress-relieving and health-improving effect:

  • The state of health improves
  • Working capacity increases
  • Mental balance is restored

One of the projects is charitable courses for unprotected sectors of the population in towns of the Russian Federation:

  • Pensioners
  • Participants, whose wages or income is below the living wage
  • Disabled
  • Carers for the disabled
  • Servicemen who served in hot spots
  • Families of those who died in hot spots
  • Students from low-income families
  • And others, in this category, but not mentioned above.

The fund is engaged in the organization and support of various social projects:

  • Carrying out specialized charitable courses:
  • For prisoners
  • For minor offenders
  • For handicapped and people suffering from serious chronic diseases
  • For workers of public health services and education (corporate courses)
  • For workers of law enforcement agencies and the military (corporate courses)
  • For rural residents

Cooperation with children’s homes, the rehabilitation centres, homes for the aged (rendering of specific material aid, carrying out programmes for children, the aged and employees of these establishments).